Glass vs. Metal: Choosing a More Suitable Shelving Material

ShelvingWhen you put up a retail store, expect a number of customers to come in and out of your place. These buyers, however, won’t just look into your products on display, but the overall store, as well. A sound interior design, which includes shop fittings, is important in providing complete customer satisfaction.

As per, shop fittings in Perth stores, particularly glass and metal shelving, significantly increase the value of the shop. These are proven to be effective fixtures for displaying merchandise. Both materials offer different advantages that your business can greatly benefit from.


Turn to this material if you have limited space in your store. Glass enables you to maximise the available space. It gives a sophisticated look to your store, making it feel less crowded. Glass also stands out because of its unique properties you can’t find in other materials.

One factor that makes glass material better than the other available options is its innate beauty. The material itself is attractive, which allows it to highlight the items on display. Moreover, glass is versatile enough to give you the type of shelving you require. It can be a plain shelf of glass planks or a cube that encloses items.


This material, on the other hand, offers greater durability. With metal shelving, you can place heavier items without worrying that its weight will break the material, unlike with glass. It gives you peace of mind regarding safety and security in the store. Metal rarely breaks into shards with sharp edges that can cut.

Moreover, metal shelving seems more economical for businesses because it requires less maintenance and can last longer. You can keep it clean and tidy by simply wiping it with dry or damp cloth. Of all metal materials, stainless steel is the top choice as it withstands damages and extreme temperatures.

Both glass and metal offer benefits suitable for retail stores. You don’t have to choose only one, though. If you can afford it and it’s logical for your business, you can install both shelving materials.