High Energy Bills? Your Home May Be Lacking In Insulation

HouseA common problem many Australian homeowners experience is a high monthly electric bill. This is most evident during the hot summer days. In addition, although winters aren’t extremely cold in the nation, the temperature can still take quite a dip.

Prolonged use of the heating and cooling system is the primary cause of this utility-bill increase in your home. However, there are several other factors that contribute to the extended operation of HVAC units. Inadequate insulation is one of them.

Insulation is important for comfort, performance, and a healthy living environment.

Your home needs to be properly insulated to ensure that it remains comfortable, it performs efficiently and that it has an overall safe and healthy environment.

But what is insulation? Basically, it refers to materials designed to aid in the reduction of heat loss/gains by acting as a barrier between structures varying in temperature. A good example of this is the layered components of a wall in your home.

By insulating appropriate parts of your home, severe heat loss and gains are minimised, bringing its comfort level higher. This then results in your HVAC needs being reduced, too. A good way to do this is by applying external cladding around your house.

Insufficient insulation leads to excess moisture, which increases humidity.

It’s noteworthy that problems with insulation can lead to unnecessary and unwanted moisture and dampness in your home. This means greater levels of humidity, which adversely affects HVAC performance.

Additionally, such situations often result in the development of moulds, raising health concerns, particularly those that impact the respiratory system. Although these microorganisms are rarely toxic (some can produce dangerous mycotoxins), exposure to the spores they release into the air can cause breathing-related problems.

All in all, external cladding is a worthy-expense that you should consider making as soon as possible. By having quality cladding materials installed in applicable areas around your home, you can make it healthier and more comfortable.