Hiring Tips: Why Attitude Matters When Finding Employees

finding employeesTo build a good company, you need good people. There are several applicants who may be interested in the position, but not all of them fits. Your hiring process should include looking into the attitude of the candidates.

Hiring is not just about finding candidates with the right skills and experience. It’s also about looking for people with the right mindset and attitude that fits your company.

Attitude reigns over skills and experience

Practically every job on the planet, from engineer to nurse assistant, has qualifying exams designed to assess the candidate’s proficiency. Those exams, however, do not assess attitude and cannot predict if a new hire will thrive or flounder. A candidate’s attitude tells you whether they have the motivation to accept and learn new skills, absorb coaching and cooperate with other employees, among other important things.

Attitude enhances ability and expertise

The right attitude can enhance a person’s abilities and expertise. For example, a newly hired health care worker may have the proper skills and training for the role.

However, the employee may still lack the stability to endure the roller coaster ride of emotion that comes with caring for people. In this situation, it’s unlikely that the employee will stay on the job for long.

As you screen job candidates, look for potential attitude issues based on what they include in their resumes. Many recruitment consultants in Perth say employers should take note of applicants who stayed in previous positions for more than four years. Look for people who haven’t had more than three different jobs within a span of five years.

While the length of stay in a company doesn’t always guarantee competency, it can be a good indicator of a candidate’s success and positive attitude. Keep in mind, however, that this is not a hard-and-fast rule, but just a starting point for you to base the rest of your assessment on.

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