Home Sweet (and Safe) Home: The Perfect Living Environment for Seniors

Environment for elderlyHomes, much like the people that live in them, end up aging through the years. The design of yesteryears may not be that accommodating for the changing needs of an elderly person. This calls for a change in the living environment. Improving accessibility, safety, mobility and comfort is your goal in this major move.

Experts from Macdonald’s Home Health Care echoes what Service Canada has to say and encourages making the space a home sweet (and safe) home for the elderly with these few changes:

In the Bedroom

Elderly folks with serious medical conditions spend more time in the bedroom. Give this part of the house special consideration when planning changes. Go for adjustable beds, as these help improve comfort and ease symptoms of certain health conditions.

For instance, seniors with edema can benefit from adjustable beds because they can change the foot of the bed and raising legs above heart level. This offers relief from swelling of the legs. Adjustable beds are also beneficial for those suffering from chronic back pain, sleep problems, and other body aches.

Install poles near beds as well, so seniors have support when standing. Pay attention to lighting conditions and pathways in the bedroom. Maximise natural light. Clear pathways of cords and wires to promote safety.

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous areas at home for seniors. Slips and falls are common. Prevent the likelihood of such accidents by installing the essential tool that is the toilet safety rail or frame. This gives the elderly better support when using the toilet seat.

Another thing you need to consider is the flooring. Use tools to make the floors slip-resistant. Place non-skid bath mats and non-slip strips to prevent accidents. Portable bath steps can also help, as they make stepping out of bathtubs easier and safer.

In the Entryways

Most entryways have cracked sidewalks and uneven surfaces. This poses potential danger for seniors. Repave and reconstruct these areas, and install ramps as well. It’s best if you could also put rails if you have steps along the pathway to the house.

Create a senior-friendly home by prioritising accessibility, safety, mobility and comfort. With this kind of home, your old relatives can enjoy life to the fullest during their golden years.

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