Housekeeping 101: 3 Household Items to Clean Regularly

aircon cleaningRegular cleaning of the house is a must. This involves not only keeping your household tidy, but also maintaining appliances and equipment. Aside from vacuuming, dusting and sorting the clutter in the pantry, there are things in your house that need regular maintenance.

The Toilet

The toilet is one of the most important things you should always clean. Maintain a sanitary toilet to prevent the spread of germs that may cause illnesses. Set up a weekly schedule to clean the crapper and the loo.

Scrub the stains. While you’re at it, look for signs of any drainage problem. Call your plumber if you need help.

The Air Conditioner

With the harsh weather in Australia, homeowners rely on air conditioning units. The AC needs careful and regular maintenance to perform well. At least once a month, clean its parts to make sure that there are no dirt and dust causing problems.

An air conditioner with a clogged filter will have a hard time working. This will take a toll on your electricity bill and comfort.

There is nothing better than enjoying the cool air coming from a quiet AC on a hot day, so make sure there are no loose parts causing noise. There are companies in Perth offering air conditioner repair and maintenance services in case you need help.

The Kitchen

Pay special attention to your kitchen counters, but don’t forget the other parts of the room. Every item in the kitchen needs maintenance and proper cleaning because this is where you prepare and store food. Having a clean kitchen lessens chances of food poisoning and even pest infestation.

Remember to always wipe the counters clean and dispose of perishable foodstuffs promptly. Store food properly, seal containers and throw away items that have gone bad. A dirty kitchen invites pests such as flies, cockroaches and rats.

Everything in the house requires cleaning, but these are the three that need special attention. Clean the house regularly to live comfortably and safely.

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