How Can Seniors Improve Their Memory?

A senior woman tending to her gardens Are you noticing that your senior loved one forgets certain things more often such as appointments, important events and the keys? These may be signs of age-related memory loss, dementia or other similar diseases. However, experts on memory care from Legacy Village Sugar House in Salt Lake City cites that you can prevent these with the following ideas.

Connect to a Community

Once a senior disengages with people, they sink into themselves and may just let their memory slip. They need to stay connected to a community, whether it is friends (old and new) or relatives. Social activities and gatherings keep them engaged and communicating with others. These do more than improving memory but also fight stress and depression.

Mind Exercise

The brain is like any other muscle of the body; it needs a workout now and then. As a person ages, the mind begins to deteriorate, which increases the possibility of getting age-related memory loss and diseases. To prevent these encourage your senior loved one to join language classes; these stimulate their brain and forces it to learn new things, which is good for their memory. Other activities that boost memory include doing crossword puzzles, bridge or learning how to play an instrument. It’s also never too late for them to go back to school if they want to get a master’s degree or get their college diploma.

Organize Their Life

A senior is more likely to forget mundane and little things, more so in a cluttered environment. Help them organize their life, list down activities for the day, schedule appointments and put them on their phone, calendar or refrigerator, arrange clothes in the cabinet, and check off items that they have already accomplished. These are small things that make a difference in preventing memory loss.

Improving the memory of your senior loved one prevents age-related memory loss or other ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.