I Have a Pen, I Have a Paper — And I Shall Write a Letter

Handwritten Letter in Carlsbad SpringsA decade ago, teenagers in love or mothers missing their sons were big fans of pens and papers. Stationeries held thoughts of encouragements and sweet nothings thoughtfully written by the sender. Once they fill a page or two, the paper goes inside an envelope, sealed by a lick, and eventually dropped in the mailbox.

Years later, teenagers in love or mothers missing their sons no longer pick up their pens and papers. Just a click on the ‘New Message’ button produces a blank space, which will contain thoughts of encouragements and sweet nothings. Hitting the ‘Send’ button automatically sends the message to the recipient.

Between the two options, today’s senders prefer the online convenience than traditional letters. While courier services such as 10-21 Sunrise still receive a handful of letters, local services admit that their numbers dwindle. With the internet linked with everything, why still pick up a pen and paper?

It’s More Memorable

Emails can be thoughtful in their own way, but handwritten letters are more memorable. Recipients can put all their letters in a box and re-read them in the years to come. Don’t believe it? Just visit any history museum and see the impact letters have. Countless artifacts and possessions decay to dust, but fragile pieces of paper remain for generations.

Why? Because their words are worth the endless reads.

It Makes You Happier

Feeling down? Write a letter — it makes you happier.

Steve Toepfer of Kent State University points at “author benefits” – the benefits one gets from writing letters personally. According to him, writing thoughtful letters as a habit produces feelings of happiness and satisfaction. If you currently suffer from depressive symptoms, penning letters will make you feel better.

It’s not as strange as it sounds. Expressing appreciation for your friends also reminds you of current blessings — a good reminder that life is beautiful.

The Necessary Pause

Texting or sending an email is continuous and reactionary — you type the first thing that comes to mind. Since you also need information, you reach out. But with handwritten letters, there is a sincere and deliberate touch. You write because you wish to give, not only to receive.

Handwritten letters should never be a forgotten tradition. Keep it alive by picking up a pen and paper, and express thoughts or sweet nothings today.