If the Ring Fits: Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring Size

A Perfect Fit Engagement RingAn engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry a woman can own. If you’re raring to purchase one for the lady in your life, then you have to make sure that everything about it is perfect. After all, this ring is the symbol of your journey to forever.

One of the most common ring-buying mistakes is getting the wrong size. So, if you want it to be perfect, make sure it fits, like it was made just for your lady. Follow these tips:

Custom or Ready-made? Decide Now

While you don’t necessarily have to purchase a customized ring for it to fit her the way it should, choosing between custom designing and buying one among collections of dazzling engagement rings is a good way to make sure you’ll get the right size.

If you’re going to get a custom engagement ring, never give your designer a baseless estimate of her ring size. You can sneakily or jokingly tie a piece of string or paper on her left ring finger to get her size. Bring that to your designer.

If you’re getting a piece from an extensive ring collection, on the other hand, you may want to check her pre-existing rings. Ask her mom, aunt, best friend, or sister what she wears the most on her left ring finger, then bring it to the shop to compare the size.

Wide or Narrow Ring? Know What She Wants

Your bride-to-be may already have a ring style in mind, and you can find out by looking at the rings she already has. You can also take her to a jewelry store and see what catches her eye. From there, take a pick between a narrow and wide ring style. Wide rings may require a little bit of allowance, because of the thickness of the band. Before you hit the ring store or designer, know what she wants first.

Buying an engagement ring that fits perfectly is one of the biggest things a man can do for the woman he loves. Know her well, and get the details straight, and you’ll see the ring fit the way it should.