Innovative Technologies That Help Doctors and Patients

Medical Service

Innovative technologies, especially those geared for the medical practice, have been steadily changing the way doctors manage their clinics and tasks. With the help of these software applications, what used to be time-consuming duties are now easier.

Everyone knows that a doctor’s job is never easy. Nevertheless, medical practitioners make it a point to do their best for their patients. According to RainTree Systems, the advent of innovative medical digital technologies is now a welcome development for both patients and physicians.

The Cloud

The cloud is a network of servers combining their computing power to deliver services. Cloud technology has given everyone Software-As-A-Service, or SAAS technology. This service can be anything from storing large files—such as images and videos—to keeping patients’ medical histories and records. Cloud technology has made it possible for doctors to access their patients’ medical history anytime and anywhere.

Smartphone Apps

Today, people use smartphones to access the Internet. This has led to the development of  applications or apps, that many users utilize to monitor their heart rates and their physical activities.  Medical professionals also use specialized apps to access not only patients’ records stored in the cloud but also to schedule appointments and access other documents. Many surgeons agree that these apps have been useful in their clinical practice.

Electronic Medical Records

Special technologies, such as  Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) that support speech recognition, are steadily gaining ground in the medical field. Since modern EMRs are cloud-based, there is no need for physicians to upgrade their computer hardware. These EMRs also provide physicians with a patient’s comprehensive medical history. An EMR allows doctors to access all records relating to the patient, and is not limited to the clinical data from one hospital or practice.

These state-of-the-art technologies that assist doctors in their tasks are continuing to change the medical profession. Doctors can help their patients achieve their health goals with more accurate and comprehensive medical information made available by digital technology, while patients are now more confident with the medical care their physicians provide.