Is a Container Home Right for You?

Container HomeShipping or cargo containers are something people do not give much thought to. Shippers use these large metal boxes to transport large amounts of goods by boat or train to another country. Most of these containers, however, remain unused for a long time. This is precisely why lots of unique and interesting projects have been done using them; one of which is building a container house.

Most people find container homes weird, but the more you think about it, the more it all makes sense. The main benefit of a container home is its sturdiness.The experts at Gran Designs WA let us in on the main benefits of container homes:

Affordability and Sustainability

Shipping container homes are very affordable. In fact, they cost 20% less than houses built out of standard materials in most cases. You can also save on labour costs, as it is easier and faster to build than your regular home. Moreover, they are also sustainable, which makes them a more eco-friendly choice for those who are environment conscious.

Weather Consideration

Living in container homes is more appropriate if you are in a location where there is nice climate and friendly weather. This is because extreme coldness or hotness will force you to put more insulation, which cost more.

Container Builder

You should also choose the right builder for the job that specialises in building container houses. They should be the one to handle building codes, as it may get stressful if you have limited knowledge in container homes.

Having a container home can be a lot of fun. Because it is so unconventional, you can go all out by adding a twist of creativity to make it look even more unique. Modifying it is quite simple, that is why builders and architects find it easy to come up with different designs for different clients.


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