Is Metallised Window Tinting the Best Fit for Your Car?

Car Tint Services in PerthYour car interior needs protection from heat and radiation from the sun. In addition, your passengers need skin protection from potentially harmful UV rays. After all, the harmful components of sunlight has a direct link on the incidence of skin cancer among Australians. Read on to know what you should do about this. 

Innovative options for your car

If you are looking for a product that excels equally in both style and function, then you are in luck. Three options await your inspection. These are metal, dyed, and hybrid, or a combination of the other two types. Metallised auto window film has many benefits over the dyed and hybrid. Apart from the base layer with high performance adhesive on one side, there are at least three additional layers.

In its entirety, the window film provides sun protection and privacy, and you car window is also protected from scratches. The most excellent products are durable and effectively blocks light and heat, and as much as 50% glare reduction. Find products that offer 99% protection from ultraviolet rays.

Legal requirements to fulfill

Before you make a deal with a car window tinting professional in Perth for metallised window film for your automobile, learn about the legal requirements first. While your primary concern is to lower the risk for skin cancer and protect the high-grade upholstery from cracking and fading, you should also learn about Australian Auto Tinting Laws.

For instance, the required VLT or visible light transmission level of the car window is the same for all territories, except for Western Australia and Northern Territory. If you reside in Perth, the window behind the driver should have a minimum of 20% VLT. Northern Territory laws stipulate a 16% minimum, while the rest of the country requires 35% for all car windows.

Despite the many benefits, some car owners are not comfortable with the shiny appearance of metallised products. Others report difficulty with radio signal and mobile service reception with metallised tinting. It’s always best to weigh the pros and cons, and determine minimal legal requirements before you finalise a purchase.