It’s Party Time: Throwing a Fun Cocktail Party in Style

Cocktail PartyCocktail parties are super fun that even planning them can be exciting and not stressful. Wouldn’t it be nice to make an effort to plan an event that your friends will enjoy? If there’s an important upcoming occasion in your life, maybe a cocktail party is the best way to celebrate it. Here are some things you should remember when planning one.

Choose the Date and Venue

When the occasion falls on a weekday, you may want to move the party to a weekend so that more people could come. Check out different cocktail party venues first before reserving one just to get the best deal. Since it’s more of a fun celebration than a formal one, you can simply send out casual invites or e-invites a week or two before your chosen date.

Planning the Menu

Make sure the menu is well-balanced and there’s something for everyone. There must be at least one vegetarian dish. You must also have make-ahead dishes, so you won’t be swamped on the exact day the party’s happening. If you need help with some dishes, ask your friends. If you want to let a caterer do everything for you, make sure to hire the best one.

After the Booze

After everyone enjoys there fix of vodka, rum, tequila and other spirits, it’s time to send them home happily and safely. Prepare a simple but meaningful token of appreciation to make a great, lasting impression to your guests. Also, make sure there’s a designated driver for all of them. If not, you can talk to a local cab company in advance to have some ready for your party.

Let everyone enjoy a good time at your cocktail party and leave feeling happy that you invited them to celebrate the occasion with you. Planning it can be a lot of work, but the results will be very rewarding!

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