Jazzing Up Your Room: Let Your Personal Space Reflect the True You

Rooms can be a great place to let your creative juices flow. A change in paint here, a few shelves there and you would be able to give it a new personality. But, if you are not sure how to go about jazzing it up, you might end up with more clutter than before. Don’t fret, as therenovationcompany.com.auGirl Testing New Paint has the following recommendation for your room’s interior design:

1. Do not overcrowd.

Be aware of how big your room is and how much it can accommodate without appearing to be too stuffy. Make sure each of your furniture pieces has enough space around it, so you do not go bumping against it each time you need to walk around.

2. Save the wall paint for last.

One common mistake that most homeowners do is choosing the paint that would go on the wall long before they have picked out furniture pieces. This means their choices of furniture items would be limited by the shade of the wall paint. If you do it the other way, however, you’ll have the option use a multitude of colours for your walls.

3. Understand how your rug complements the entire design.

Walls and dividers can be cumbersome to use as a partition for your room. The best way to have some sort of delineation would be to make use of rugs. You can have your bed on top of the rug to highlight it, or you can use the rug to highlight which part of your room serves as your work or study area.

4. Create your own theme.

If you want your room to reflect more of your own style, choose pieces that you really like, and not those that are just the fad. A good example of this would be the Cape Cod theme, one of the most common room themes in the country.

To truly get the look that you want for your room, consider consulting an expert interior designer. Make sure to collaborate with him or her to get the right design.

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