Job Hunting: How to Land a Job if You have a Criminal Record

Criminal RecordIt’s never too late to regret your wrongdoings. Committing a criminal offense shouldn’t keep you from moving forward if you’re really sincere about changing for the better. Living a new life starts by getting a job. Some employers, however, may see otherwise if they learn that you have a criminal record.

It’s already a struggle for most people to get work. ‘A criminal history can harm your chances of getting a job,’ explains David A. Nachtigall. There are quite a few ways, though, on how you can land one.

Understand Your Rights

Imprisoned criminals basically don’t have social rights. But once acquitted or set free, your records can be sealed or expunged, depending on a few factors. Aim for this right if it’s possible as it allows the information not to show on a background check. Otherwise, just be realistic on what kinds of work you can only get.

Seek Assistance

The most common problem with ex-convicts is they think no one would help them. This is not true. If you’re not going to ask for help, then how can you get it? Don’t just rely on friends and networks. Go straight to organizations and groups that are providing guidance and assistance to people like you.

Be Honest in Interviews

While it’s less likely that these people can give you a suitable job immediately, you can always wait. But if you really need work, just come clean with employers. Being honest about your record and intent to change can make them see your sincerity. Don’t say why you did it; instead, say what you’ve done after.

Always Be Optimistic

This is important – never lose hope. You should expect that you’ll get rejections more often. Just take it lightly and move on from there. Instead of succumbing to the negatives, seek other opportunities. If you quit right away, you’ll definitely end up with nothing. Always keep your head up and stay positive.

The road to a new life after imprisonment is never easy, but it’s there. Don’t let your criminal record hold you down; there are always job opportunities out there to help you jumpstart your life.

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