Keep Loved Ones Away From Lung Disease-Causing Elements

X-Ray of Damaged LungsThe air in your homes can appear clean and smell fresh, but this quality can sometimes be deceiving. Poisonous compounds are often intermingled with the air we breathe, and they can be subtly hidden and unnoticed.

One example of a poisonous element is the gaseous chemical, radon. Containing an atomic number 86, its danger involves its radioactivity, which comes from the chemical changes of elements such as thorium and uranium when they decay into lead.

Estimates recorded the months when radon radioactivity reaches its highest and lowest. February is the month when radon has the highest radioactivity, and June is when it reaches its lowest. But even as it reaches its lowest in June, the radioactive gaseous element still remains in the air, especially indoors.

Its effects, when breathed unnoticed, can be very detrimental to our health. As such, it is not only nicotine that causes lung cancer. Inhalation of radon can often lead to this harmful and malignant disease.

In Salt Lake City, one can avail of radon testing services as a necessary action to avoid the radioactive element from our homes. Usually, companies that execute these services will conduct it in a span of two days with their proper equipment and tools to check the air within your homes. According to Aerolite Group, long-term testing can also be made possible with the use of radon monitors, which functions similarly to a smoke detector.

By undergoing the process of checking radon levels in the air inside your homes, you will be able to determine the danger which you might not have known is living with you and your loved ones. With the radon testing services, such radioactive elements can also be eliminated. They will also provide you a cleaner and safer air to breathe.

Elements in the air, particularly those that are harmful to our health, are present even if we don’t see or feel it. That is why it is always best to take safety measures than put your loved ones’ lives at stake.