Keep Your Photocopier Up & Running with These Strategies

PhotocopierImagine this: You have to make a hundred copies of your instructor’s notes for tomorrow’s lessons. Unfortunately, your equipment broke down in the middle of your task. Sounds frustrating, right?

But that’s the reality about photocopiers – one day they’re up and running and they’re malfunctioning the next. Even PrintCom agrees that age and improper use can cause damage to the equipment. That’s why occasional maintenance is necessary if you want to make your photocopier last long and stay functional right when you need it.

Here are some guidelines that will help keep your photocopiers in good order:

Get rid of the dust

Dust, mould and other pollutants will gather on your photocopier as time and the elements do their worst. Wipe the areas outside of the machine as well as internal areas you can’t normally access. Using a paintbrush or mini-broom, get rid of the dust and debris in the ink cartridge head, paper trays and other areas so these won’t become a health hazard.

Wipe them regularly

Wipe the photocopier thoroughly with a cleaner and cloth once the dust is gone. Manufacturers will usually indicate the cleaning agent specific to your machine in the box. Use anti-static cleaner liquid with a non-abrasive cloth for the glass scanner to avoid causing scratches and electrocution.

Take care of critical parts

Critical parts of photocopiers are susceptible to dirt and damage due to prolonged use and time. Make sure these parts are always in good condition.

Clean the scanner’s surface after every photocopying job as much as possible. Remove any object that may cause damage or cause imperfections on your copies. Remember that even a tiny particle can affect the machine’s output.

Toners play a huge part on your photocopier so pay attention to them as well. Clean the toner regularly using a toner vacuum to help maintain the quality of your prints and to ensure proper ink flow. Replace the toner if the copier indicates it or if your copy isn’t high-quality like before.

Photocopiers are convenient to have when you need to replicate voluminous documents. However, they’re also time-consuming and costly when they break down. Always ensure that your machine stays in good condition. These strategies are just some of the ways to achieve it.