Keeping The Gun In The Family Legally: The Value of a Gun Trust

GunGun laws have become the target of many protests in the wake of several killing sprees that has spread fear all over the US. It has resulted in stricter gun laws in most states, although Utah still has a casual attitude towards gun ownership and use. Federal law for controlled firearms still applies in Utah, however, which has spurred demand for a gun trust lawyer.


A gun trust is like any other trust in many ways. It holds a certain asset, in this case a gun or firearm, in trust. The gun trust gives people named as trustees the right to use and hold the gun in question. They do not own it, but they retain all the rights of ownership, so it comes out to the same thing. However, unlike the standard living trust, a gun trust does not always have to end with the owner’s death.


According to gun trust lawyers, such as of Utah, the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) and the Gun Control Act of 1968 regulates these trusts. Under these laws, only the registered owner can hold and use certain firearms, and may not transfer ownership to anyone else.

However, since a trust firearm is not the personal property of the trustees, transferring ownership is unnecessary. You also avoid having to pay a transfer tax. A gun trust makes it easier for you to pass on your firearms to family members without having to go through probate or breaking any laws.


A gun trust is required to buy restricted firearms such as silencers and machine guns legally. Some people that gun trusts allow the spread of restricted firearms to undesirables. One possible example of this is the shooting of police officers in February 2013 by a former cop, who left behind a document saying that he had obtained his firearms using a gun trust.

Such fears are mostly groundless, though. Firearms for such purposes are easily obtainable and at less cost without a gun trust.

The real value of a gun trust, and the lawyer that drafts it, is not for getting firearms, but for keeping them. There are DIY gun trust forms available online for a small amount. However, if you want a proper gun trust that will allow you to keep the gun in the family for many years, you should consult with an experienced gun trust lawyer in Utah or in whatever state you live.