Keratin Hair Treatments: What to Expect

hairVisiting a local salon is always the best solution if you are constantly unhappy with how your hair looks and feels. Professional hairdressers and specialists can help, whether you want straight and smoother hair or are thinking of a drastic new cut. One of the ways they do this is through expert Keratin treatment.

Keratin is a protein that is naturally present in the hair, but is also used as a supplemental product. Hair stylists use Keratin treatment as a straightening agent, and then use the heat of a flat iron to seal the product in the strands of the hair.

The protein fills the empty spaces where the hair is porous, making the strands straighter. This procedure is recommended for people who:

–use a flat iron or blow dries their tresses on a regular basis
–colour and highlight their hair regularly
–over-dry their hair or have naturally dry hair
–have frizzy, heavily curled, or wind-blown hair
–have good hair but want their crowning glory to look smooth and straight

The procedure helps in the following ways:

–This procedure helps repair, protect, and nurture your hair. It strengthens the strands and makes them more resilient.
–It helps retain the health of the hair and also protects it against frizz created by humidity in the atmosphere. Even if you walk in light rain, your hair will not alter much after Keratin treatment.

Care after Keratin treatment:

–The protein solution takes about three to four days to work, so you cannot wash your hair for at least four days after the treatment.
–You can wash your hair after the four-day period, but use shampoo that does not contain sodium sulphate. Adhering to these two precautions ensures effectiveness that will last for two and a half months.

Remember that the protein will not break your hair as it is nourishing. The flat iron can, however, if it is very hot and scorches your hair. Make sure to get the procedure done by experienced stylists to avoid damage and ensure everything is carried out properly.

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