Kicking Burglars Out: 5 Ways To Secure Your Home From Opportunist Crooks

gateGiven all the threatening headlines about residential break-ins, you need to make sure that your home is protected from opportunist crooks. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that around 250,000 households fall victim to burglary every year. Robbers get away with an average of $2,000 worth of property, and most cases happen when homeowners are away.

Burglary is the most common threat, yet it is the easiest crime to prevent. Here are five ways to avoid housebreakers:

Upset the Burglar

Boardwalk, a company that promotes home security, says burglars avoid breaking into homes with a gate because this makes it hard for them to escape. This is why it is always smart to have a perimeter surrounding your home, if possible. If you do not have one, maybe it’s the right time to install one. It’s not a crime to spend money for your safety.

Bring the Spare Key With You

Never leave a spare key under your doormat just because you think no one will see it. Burglars are smart. They know where to find what they need.

Do Not Let the Burglar See What’s Inside

Burglars love uncovered windows because it allows them to see the valuable items they can steal inside. Make sure to close your shutters or curtains to ensure there is a visual deterrent in place. Shutters and blinds are not only stylish; these additions also cover and protect your whole house.

Keep Some Things to Yourself and Your Family

Don’t tell everyone if you plan to go on a long vacation. Just keep it between you, your family, and the people you can trust. Leave the lights on to make it look like there is someone home.

Let Your Dog the Job

Thieves will pick a house that has no dog because they are trying to avoid danger and noise. Keeping a dog can prevent you from becoming the victim of a robbery.

Kill the fears before they endorse failure. Secure the weak points of your house. Though your neighbours may be nice, you never know who is lurking around the corner craving a quick score.

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