Kids Design Playgrounds the Best

Custom Playground DesignThough times have changed and indoor games have grown, kids still enjoy going to playgrounds like the old days. Schools, holiday parks, or housing developments should always have a playground for children’s recreation. Designing and building playgrounds need much attention especially for the safety of children. That is why it is best to get ideas from kids as they know what works for them.

Here is why we need kids’ ideas in designing playgrounds.

They know exactly what is safe for them

Every material used in making the play area has a hidden danger. Metals, steel, or nets can be risky especially when children get very active and excited. Risks are inevitable since these are the main materials in making the playground. What kids suggest is to have first aid kits around. If kids see these first aid boxes, they will be extra careful in playing.

Their creativity and imaginative skills are stronger than adults

Kids always wish to have wider spaces at the playground. Since they are always curious about everything, they want to utilise their creativity and imagination in those spaces. A great playground design for kids helps them develop their flexibility and strength such as running, climbing, and more. Other students suggest having a more realistic play area. Students of Marrickville Public School, for instance, dream of climbing real trees instead of monkey bars. They can fully use their creativity in deciphering how to climb like monkeys.

They know what game is FUN

Traditional games such as slides, swings, or see-saws still create excitement for kids. But, with the influence of technology, kids desire to incorporate what they see in mobiles to the playgrounds. Adding gardens, where they can plant on their own, or putting in automatic machines for their mobility can make playing more challenging. It even develops their interpersonal skills as these give more chances of mingling with other kids. Thus, reinventing playground equipment can be more exhilarating for kids.

Though children tend to be too imaginative, this skill works well in designing playgrounds. Designers need to know exactly the needs of children to create a perfect and effective project. If you ask a child to design it for you, you will surely obtain the best ideas.