Law Firm Marketing: Profound Effects of Simple Videos

presentation videosMuch has been said about the value of text-based content for lawyer marketing, but not a lot about videos. A video allows you to send your message across in a way paragraphs sometimes cannot. Watching you discuss what you bring to the table in clips, rather than letting your clients read them line after line, creates a more personal experience. Suddenly, your practice is no longer faceless law firm on the Internet because of videos.

From an SEO perspective, producing video clips opens a world of possibilities to rank your pages above the fold and make your website more visible to your target audience. Especially if you cater your services in a tightly contested market, this technique could move the needle and make your practice stand above the rest in the SERPs. As Lawyer Marketing Expert pointed out on their website, producing presentation videos regularly can help attorneys with their online marketing.

Videos Get Ranked (High & Many Times)

YouTube videos tend to dominate the top of the search results when properly optimized—from titles to transcriptions, all elements should be strategically keyworded. Apart from Google, which owns YouTube, uploading your clips to other video-searching websites helps increase your web presence. While you do not necessarily get traffic by leading visitors to hosting sites, but at least you expand your reach.

Videos Induce Clicks

Thumbnails are more powerful than text-only snippets when it comes to generating higher click-through-rate. According to aimClear, rich-video snippets gather 41% greater CTR than plan text in the search results. If your goal is site traffic over web presence, embed your videos to your pages instead.

Videos Glue Visitors onto Your Page

If you have engaging text-only content but still incurs a high bounce rate, video clips are the cure. Maybe the one to blame is the dwindling attention span of Internet users, not the quality of writing. Videos can make your visitors stick longer because these are less stressful to consume in front of a computer or mobile screen.

Videos are not meant to replace text, but rather complement it. Refocusing your content creation strategy can make a significant difference in your law firm website’s SEO.

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