Legal Advice on Employment Issues Enhances Workplace Reputation

Employment Law in New ZealandDo you need help in matters pertaining to employment law?

With the rise of conflicting work ethics, employment disputes are on the rise and are becoming a common hurdle in places of work. Advocates from I.R.Thompson Associates Ltd specialising in employment law in New Zealand help employees and employers in handling disciplinary meetings and resolving workplace disputes with up to a 90-day trial period. Dealing with employment law issues professionally is essential to winning yourself or your business a good reputation.

Personal Grievances

New Zealand’s Employment Relation Act outlines a number of possible claims that you can file in the ERA (Employment Relation Authority); however, you should have attempted mediation before filing these claims. Other legal claims that can be made against your employer include constructive and unjustified dismissal, racial discrimination at the workplace, redundancy and restructuring issues, and sexual harassment. Parental leave legislation, holiday pay concerns and wage arrears matters are also personal grievances that can be claimed against your employer.

Employment Agreements, Redundancies and Restructuring

Every employer should issue a contract to their employees prior to employing them. Clauses of these contracts should be appropriate and easy to understand for both the employer and employee before any contract is signed. With the help of qualified law experts, employers can draw clear employment agreements for their employees and other contractors. Legal guidance is also necessary when restructuring and clearing redundancies in employment agreements.

Working with a competent employment law firm helps facilitate disciplinary meetings, employment agreements, and the restructuring, filing and defending of personal grievances. Other claims such as unjustified redundancies and dismissals, wage arrears, and discrimination and sexual harassment at your workplace are best resolved by a legal expert.