Less-Known Reasons Your Teeth are Discoloured

teethWhenever you flash a smile, what do you see? Is your teeth pearly white? Is it yellowish? Stained? While
teeth discolouration may mean nothing but a discoloured teeth, it may suck the confidence out of you
until it’s gone.

You mustn’t let your teeth issue take your sweet smile and your confidence away. By determining the
culprits, you will know how to prevent and manage teeth discolouration. Tobacco, poor oral hygiene,
certain foods and drinks, you might have heard all about these things when trying to know more about
why your teeth are golden yellow rather than pearly white.

To give you fresh insight, Cranmore Dental & Implant Clinic cites some causes of tooth discolouration
that you might not know about.


Winning the genetic lottery for whiter teeth is not for us to tell. Some people are just destined to have
whiter teeth, while some people aren’t. That’s how it is. However, it doesn’t mean that you are doomed
for having a less white teeth forever. Northern Ireland – Belfast, in particular – many professional,
highly-trained cosmetic dentists offer state-of-the-art teeth whitening.

Fluoridated Water

Fluoride added in public water systems to prevent tooth decay may also be the culprit for your yellow
teeth. Too much fluoride in your tap water may leave stains on the surface of your teeth, making it

Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings fill in gaps caused by decayed portion of the tooth. It may also restore broken or chipped
tooth. Through time, however, fillings may seep into the enamel (white substance coating the tooth),
tainting it.

Injury to the Gums or Tooth

A material known as pulp comprises the inside of the tooth, which delivers blood and nutrients to the
whole tissue. When the tooth suffers damage due to a sudden blow, blood clots may form and seep into
the dentin (the hard, calcified area below the enamel). This may cause the tooth to look dark.

Whatever it is that is taint, it is important to always seek the help and guidance of dental professionals
in trying to whiten your teeth. Self-medication may not always give you the results that you’ve wanted,
and it may also compromise your dental health.

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