Living Room Design Ideas: What’s In and What’s Out

living room

Stay up to date with the trending living room designs to upgrade your very own space. Give yourself and your family the gift of a relaxing and chic living room space to bond after a hard day at work and school.


Besides, the renovation project itself would be a way for you to release your inner style and include that contemporary fireplace, like the ones installed by, that you have always wanted.


Strictly Antique Designs are OUT

Gone are the days when you had to pair those antique pieces with the same period. Residents will not be as interested in creating a living space with a strict period to follow. Even though a period can be a great start to the design, they realized that they do not have to adhere strictly to it.


They now know that it is more aesthetically pleasing to combine elements from both the past and future.


Smart Home Features are IN

Technology has slowly taken over people’s lives, and it is not a surprise that homes are gradually undergoing full automation. Residents will openly welcome charging docks in creative spaces, areas specially dedicated to devices, as well as, smart furniture solutions.


Oversized Furniture is OUT

In a household, space is the primary element to consider, which is why the functional and creative use of space is critical. Homeowners have finally realized that oversized furniture is not only overwhelming, but it is also a waste of precious space.


Jewel Tones are IN

Guess it is high time you say goodbye to your beige furniture because jewel tones are entering the scene. Walls now incorporate that dramatic flair with deep jewel tones, such as pastel colors, amethyst or emerald green.


The old trends and new ones are just some of the ideas that you could incorporate into your living room. They key here is to style it in your own way to avoid having regrets in the future.