London and San Diego: A Tale of Two Cities

Real EstateLondon has one of the world’s most admired transportation systems. Behind this sophisticated regional automated fare payment is a San Diego based company, one among the many thriving startups and firms making San Diego a world leader in biotechnology, clean technology, sports innovation, defense technology and telecommunications.

Although an ocean and a continent away from one another, these two cities are seen by many as unlikely twins. Both champion a strong international market, advanced industries that breed rapid innovation and significant job creation, top-tier universities and a sprawling real estate market.

Great Expectations

London is the world’s leading city for international students, and if such comparison exists, San Diego is what London is to the world. If London is attractive because of its famed universities, San Diego is twice more attractive for fresh graduates and young business executives because of its job market. In fact, American Heritage Properties and other realtors witnessed the spike in its population growth.

Analysts are predicting there will be about one million new residents in San Diego by 2030, which means the city is going to need about 290,000 new homes or dwelling spaces to house all these hopefuls. While it may sound overwhelming for some, it can also translate as an amazing growth waiting to happen.

Hard Times

Cities today are driving the global economy. On top of all the cities worldwide looking to share what they can to the market, these two cities are the strongest. London is San Diego’s second-largest source of foreign direct investment and U.K. is one of San Diego’s largest export markets. Time zone differences aside, they are both working to solve local needs, the most urgent of which is their population growth.

As growth centers accounting for a major percentage of global economic output, there must be a way around this unstoppable increase in population. If they can build a high-complex train system, they can also probably house the influx of people coming in.