London Ranks Second in the Best Student Cities in the World

City of LondonLondon is the second best city for students to study and live. Paris is actually the first, with its top-tier universities like the École Normale Superieure and Panthéon-Sorbonne University. London is home to some impressive schools of its own, including University College London (UCL) and Imperial College London, which rank seventh and eighth best in the world respectively. That is an impressive number, considering that they rank within the top 10 out of a list of 26,000 universities.

The Liveability of London

Yet the prestige of the universities based in London is not the only thing that puts it second in the world rankings – London is extremely liveable, with its great food, extensive transport systems, and cheap student accommodations. You can find a cheap hostel in London through websites like LHA London and have safe, comfortable lodgings for the duration of your studies.

London is particularly attractive to international students, as its roiling nightlife and multicultural influences make it an exciting, enriching place to be. There is always something happening in London, whether it is the opening of a new exhibit or the infectious exhilaration of a musical festival. Best of all, student discounts are always available at nightclubs and other establishments.

It is so easy to go around London – you can get more affordable commute options by using an Oyster card, and there is always a taxi or a bus available at practically every corner. Many students also choose to ride a bicycle to their universities, as London has remarkably bike friendly roads.

The Second Best Student City

So what does being the second best student city entail? Though Paris is still more popular among international students, London offers a fast-paced sort of life where young people can develop the life skills that they need in order to succeed. It goes beyond academics, as gruelling competitive as they are – London provides opportunities that cannot be found in any other city on earth.

As a major student hub, London provides students with many avenues for building their connections. This gives them a great jump-off point for starting their careers. For the second best student city, London is still a cut above the rest.