What to Look For in a Real Estate Agent

real estateReal estate agents play a crucial role in the buy-and-sell process. They help potential buyers accomplish all necessary documents, walk them through the various processes involved in the transaction, and hold the client’s hand, so to speak, from the first talks to the actual sale.

The following character traits are indispensable for people in the real estate industry.

He has an eye for detail. A great real estate agent is sensitive to the wants and needs of the client. For example, if a client from Ohio wants to find a property in Draper, the agent should be willing to go the extra mile to attend to the needs of someone who most likely doesn’t know much about the area.

He is the right kind of persistent. The line between being an aggressive marketer and an absolute annoyance is very thin, and a good real estate agent must be good at toeing the line. Agents must be willing to put in sufficient time and work and good at identifying quality leads (i.e. leads worth pursuing).

He is tech-savvy. An agent who knows how to use online marketing and digital tools to their advantage is the one who can keep up with the times. Even just listing property for sale on eBay speaks volumes about the agent’s familiarity with — and willingness to use — technology.

He is honest. An honest seller will not only be upfront in telling sellers what to expect, but will also help steer sellers in the right direction and save them from headaches in the long run.

His mind is geared towards (and is excited by) solving problems. A good agent won’t give up at the first signs of difficulty. In fact, the more challenging the property is to sell, the more he’d be willing to think of a solution.

A good agent is absolutely essential in closing deals that make all parties involved happy. Choose wisely.

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