Medical Negligence and Cerebral Palsy: What You Need to Know

Medical NegligenceAlthough cerebral palsy may be caused by other factors, negligence and treatment mistakes may also result in this disorder. Usually, cerebral palsy cases result from insufficient oxygen to the infant during birth. This condition is non-progressive and does not worsen over time. If you are unsure of the cause of cerebral palsy to your child or suspect that negligence was the cause, hiring a good lawyer would be necessary, suggests

Visible Signs of Cerebral Palsy

At birth, not all signs will be visible, but they will become more evident as the child grows up. The following are some of the signs.

  • The baby is not able to hold its head in a supported sitting posture or when lying on its stomach.
  • Muscle spasm
  • Low muscle tone and the child feels floppy.
  • Poor muscle control
  • Difficulties in swallowing or feeding
  • Delayed physical development. For instance, the child is unable to walk by 12 -18 months or unable to speak simple sentences within 24 months.
Medical Malpractice that Can Cause Cerebral Palsy

Doctors and medical care professionals provide utmost care during delivery or when giving prenatal care, yet things may still go wrong. But when medical negligence occurs, the following may lead to cerebral palsy.

  • Failure to correctly detect or treat infections in the mother during pregnancy. For example meningitis.
  • Failure by the medical care provider to plan and schedule a C-section procedure when the baby is too large for a normal delivery.
  • Delayed C-section procedure.
  • Negligent use of birth instruments such as forceps and vacuum during delivery.
Hiring a Lawyer

Medical negligence cases are usually complicated due to the technical treatment issues and the need to proof liability of the medical care provider. A lawyer will help assess if negligence could be the cause. If malpractice or treatment mistake caused the birth injury, the lawyer would assist in gathering the necessary evidence to proof your case.

Every mother hopes to deliver a healthy baby. But if you suspect that negligence occurred causing your child to suffer from cerebral palsy, don’t hesitate to hire a notable medical malpractice lawyer. Your baby deserves that.