The Men Behind the Crane

Crane OperationsLorry crane services are not possible without the help of the people behind it. It seems like a single person operates it, but the truth is, there are a number of people who cooperate to make the operation safe and successful.

The management selects an appointed person to be present all throughout the lifting operations. This is to ensure that they can control the crane and make sure that it’s in accordance to the plan. This person can choose either to act as the crane supervisor, or to choose another person to fill that place.

Here are the other people working behind the scenes of a typical lorry crane service and their duties and responsibilities.

  1. Crane Supervisor
    • Ensures that the lorry crane as well as other equipment meet the lifting plans set by the management;
    • Ensures that there are enough people who can safely perform the lifting operations;
    • Provides briefing to the personnel prior to the lifting operation;
    • Directs and supervises the signaller, slinger, and loader operator;
    • Stops operation if any risky event occurs; and
    • Reports to the management if any problems take place.
  2. Loader Operator
    • Establishes the members of the team and their roles;
    • Carries out the daily inspections and checks; and
    • Informs the crane supervisor of any problems occurring that may affect the operation.
  3. Slinger
    • Attaches and detaches the load to and from the loader;
    • Visually checks the accessories for damage prior to and after use;
    • Uses the right lifting accessories according to the lifting procedure and plan;
    • Starts and directs the load by providing the appropriate signals; and
    • Places the load safely.
  4. Signaller
    • Relays signals from the slinger to the operator.

There are times when members have combined roles to perform lorry crane services. In other instances, a person may assume the role of the other. However, you just don’t perform a different role – there still are other qualifications you have to meet to prove that you’re capable of doing a different task.

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