No Stress to Tresses: How You Can Avoid Wrecking Your Hair

Hair CareIn an effort to have the perfect hair, you may be tempted to go extreme in using hair styling products and tools. You may be using flat iron a little longer than the usual or having do-it-yourself home treatments more than once a week to keep your tresses shiny and glossy.

While you only want your hair to look great, misusing tools or having the wrong ones can damage your locks. You may likewise have to deal with lacklustre tresses, parched strands and split ends.

Keep reading and find out how you can style you hair properly without wrecking it.

Use the Right Tools

Hair care professionals suggest buying hair styling tools that have basic features, like different heat settings. Low quality and cheaper ones only have one setting, which can easily wreck your hair. If your budget permits, it is best to buy a professional blow dryer or high quality flat iron made with ceramic or titanium to avoid further damage.

Don’t Forget Heat Protection

Use thermal protectant or products designed to protect your hair from the heat of irons, curlers and dryers. Circles of Subiaco noted that it is a good idea to make an appointment with your stylist to nourish and condition your hair. Deep repair treatments from salon can make your hair look smooth and protect your tresses from further damage. A hot oil or hair keratin treatment is beneficial in bringing moisture back to your hair, as well.

Consider Your Hair’s Texture

When deciding on the heat setting of your iron or curler, always consider the thickness of your locks. If you have baby fine hair, choose a lower temperature. This doesn’t mean, however, that if you have thick hair, you should use the highest setting. It is always best to consider your natural hair texture to minimise damage.

These are just a few of things you need to keep in mind to avoid wrecking your hair. Using the right products and consulting your stylist for more hair care tips can keep your tresses shiny and healthy.