Not Your Ordinary Style: Four Incredibly Unique Haircuts

Unique HaircutGetting a clean and stylish haircut is the common order of business in a barbershop. Devoted to provide complete satisfaction, barbers listen to their customers’ desired haircuts and deliver results flawlessly. Some customers have incredibly unique styles when it comes to grooming, though.

When customers enter a barber shop, London hair groomers make it a point to provide the best service—no matter how unusual the hairstyle request may seem.

The Second Face Haircut

Some people want to shave their hair and pattern it to a real face, but seeing a face complete with sunglasses and moustache is too surreal for many. A Reddit user went to a barber and had his girlfriend’s masterpiece haircut—he shaved some parts of his hair to make it appear like a moustached man wearing sunglasses.

The Checkerboard Haircut

Stylists create the checkerboard haircut by shaving the hair into small squares, then applying black and white dye to attain the effect. A student added his own touch to the look and brought the effect to the next level.

In his Twitter post, he shaved the side part of his head and applied red and white dye. Apart from the checkerboard, he also formed the words “UT” and “Vols” using black dye. The student wore this new look to show his dedication to his university’s athletic team.

The Friar Haircut

Bizarre haircuts seem to be a part of today’s sports culture. In one event, a rugby rookie had his hair styled in a Friar Tuck, making him one of the players with the most unusual haircuts in history. Nonetheless, the new hair suited him well.

Spider Haircut

Spider haircuts went viral together with gecko hairstyles. One of these even had a 3D-like spider cut. Stylists form a bun on top of the head for the spider’s main body. Braids are added to form the legs. Complete with a shaved web, this haircut looks like the real thing.

While these hairstyles can go from unusual to wild, some barbers are more than glad to accommodate the special requests of clients. One thing is for sure—there is no limit when it comes to haircut creativity.

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