Polishing Up on Your Nail Fashion

Nail Polish in WestrbookRunning a beauty salon requires continues updating and studying to stay on top. Though expertise and reputation also count, customers are always on the prowl for new and trendy beauty services.

Cosmotech reveals some nail fashion practices.

Undercoating – Not only is having an undercoat a great base for intense coloring and designing for advanced nail art, it also helps strengthen the top coat and helps it last much longer on your nails before cracking and chipping. One layer of clear polish usually works wonders already. If you want to mask weathering, a similar colored undercoat will hide it for a while and a different colored undercoat can show nice marbling.

Glazing – A glaze is the opposite of an undercoat. This is usually achieved by creating a top coat with a translucent finish. It lets you show what’s underneath and can drastically change the effect of the design underneath. You can make it look like an image is floating above the nail; you can make the coating look shiny when it was originally dull or matte, or just further strengthen the polish.

Raised/3D Polishes – A fast rising trend in modern nail art is the tiny three-dimensional artwork you can literally paint on your fingernails. It’s a slow, careful process of painting an image, letting it dry, and then repainting the same thing until it’s raised above your base. Not all professional salons can do this. With the right cosmetology career course, however, you can apply this in your own beauty salon in Portland.

Nail art, whether simple or advanced, is an excellent way to be stylish without spending so much on things like clothes and other accessories that stay the same and most customers are aware of this. With this in mind, having expert instructions on nail art is a profitable investment. Just remember to keep practicing and studying because that is one sure way to stay on top.