Power Up: Different Types of Uninterruptible Power Systems

Uninterruptible Power SupplyVoltage dips, spikes, surges and harmonics are the many forms of electric supply interferences. All of these can cause irreparable damage to various electrical equipment and devices. Some of these sensitive devices can shut down due to these interruptions during final production stages or during certain critical phases.

Here is more information from bytepowergroup.com regarding uninterruptible power systems available in Australia.

  • A UPS reduces risks

To reduce risks due to supply distortions, uninterruptible power systems are installed in many locations in Australia. These are useful in many industries, medical facilities, telecommunications, data centres, and many other such locations. These ensure the supply of high quality power flows to all sensitive equipment in a reliable manner. During low voltage and fluctuations, a UPS can keep the load running in constant supply.

  • The various types available

You have the standby type which is also known as an off-line system. These types of UPS remain on standby mode, and get activated only when there is complete failure of power. The AC input is the primary source and it alternates to battery and inverter only as back up sources.  You also have a specialised Ferro version of this standby type. These work like the earlier model, but also provide a certain degree of control and voltage regulation over the output supply.  Due to their line filter feature they are more reliable.

  • Interactive designs

Here the battery and power inverter are constantly connected to the system. This helps constantly filter and regulate the supply. The supply remains reliable throughout as it is controlled and regulated.  This is very useful for many industrial and household applications.

There are large devices for high voltage uses, such as double conversion and delta conversion models. These allow for a very high level of performance, but can damage components over a period of time.  The delta model is a new model and is more suited for generators.  In this, the wear and tear is much lower, as this does not produce too much heat.

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