What are Prescription Drug Discount Programs?

For people who need daily prescription medication to manage their chronic illness, affordable medication is essential. A recent survey, however, reports that one in seven Americans can’t fill at least one prescription, as they couldn’t afford it. Fortunately, prescription drug discount programs are available to help uninsured and underinsured consumers buy their much-needed medication.

Pharmacy-Based Drug Specific Discount Program

Some large chain retail stores with in-house pharmacies are offering common generic prescription medications at reduced prices. Some of these stores also have websites that allow patients to search both by drug and by condition online. This method in turn allows patients to work with their health care provider in choosing affordable medication.

Prescription pills

Pharmacy-Based Medication Discount Card Programs

Many independent pharmacies provide discount clubs that offer similar programs found in larger chain retail stores. Under these programs, consumers receive pharmacy discount cards that entitle them to discounts on prescriptions.

Apart from independent pharmacies, some websites also offer free pharmacy discount cards that provide similar benefits as the discount cards from pharmacies.

Despite the high price of prescription medication, consumers can still afford to fill their prescriptions. Joining a prescription drug discount program can help them buy their daily medication and stay healthy.