Prevention is Sweeter Than Cure

adamr at freedigitalphotos.netLiving in easy-going Perth, it’s very easy to take matters for granted. Life is relaxed and laid-back. Why disturb that way of life, right? For the reason that life does not always smile on you.

Maybe it is best to exercise prevention for a prolonged and happy life, rather than scrambling for a cure every time something bad comes your way.

Fences and Ambulances

A poem by Joseph Malines talks about a town whose residents argued whether put up a fence to block a cliff, or to hire an ambulance at the foot of the valley. In the debate, you would likely choose to erect a fence if you had a voice in the imaginary debate. Why? Because nothing sucks more than having bad things happen, things that are preventable if only you had done something to avoid it.

On Track to Healthy

Strand Dental Centre could not stress the importance of consult your doctor and getting regular check-ups enough. Know the condition of your body and alter your lifestyle to stop illnesses and diseases from suddenly jumping you.

Dental Hygiene

Do not just stop there; the mouth is also important to a long-lived life. Practising preventative dentistry—defined by the British Dental Health Foundation as the method of keeping the mouth clean and healthy—is a must.

Visit your dentist to clean and check up on your teeth and gums while you still do not have an emergency to worry about; brush your teeth as Mum used to remind you. Do that and you will reap the benefits: reduced risk of getting cavities, serious dental complications like periodontitis and gingivitis, and other secondary diseases caused by pitiful oral health.

No matter what anyone says, a fence blocking off a cliff is much better than an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. The list of Too Late stories already goes on and on; your story does not have to be in it. A little effort in prevention equals big benefits leading to a healthy life.

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