Proven Ways to Beat the Cold

Cold TemperatureWinter makes you turn up the heat to keep you warm. Since winters can leave you freezing and shivering, there are four easy tricks that you can do to ensure that you stay warm when the weather – or season – gets too cold for comfort.

Use curtains wisely

Curtains act as your home insulation so be sure to draw them in it when it’s dark. During the day, however, make sure that you draw them back to have more natural light. Sunlight brings heat so make sure that you let in enough to keep your home cosy and warm despite the cold. You could also choose to buy electric window blinds that help in reducing heat loss during the winter season.

Install a furnace

If you want to heat up your home pretty quickly, a furnace will do the trick. Not only are these heating systems energy efficient, but they could also provide you with cool air during summer.

Time your heating system

Instead of turning up the heat too high because you feel cold, try to turn the heat earlier just like what you would do with an air condition. You should set up the heat 30 minutes earlier before you get up in the morning – you can use a timer for this. After getting warm, turn up the heat little by little until you feel warm enough.

Insulate your house well

Your house loses heat through the roof. You also lose precious heat when there are cracks in the wall. Insulate your home properly. Seal every crack. Put up some insulation in the roof to trap the heat when it’s cold and keep you cool when it’s warm.

Making your home efficiently warm during the cold season saves you money and time. Make your house comfortable enough so you and your family can enjoy your family activities.