Reasons for Dental Fear and How You Can Overcome It

Dental Visit in BloomingtonNo matter your age, visiting a dentist may make you feel uneasy. And, uneasy is an understatement; most people are actually afraid of the dentist, for various reasons. If you’re one of them, you’re not alone, but you can curb your dental fear. To do it, start by understanding why you’re scared of the dentist, and work it out from there. has seen a lot of patients struggle with dental fear. While their gentle approach helps put them at ease, overcoming the fear is largely an inside job. Below are some reasons why you’re scared of the dentist, and how you can shake the fear off, for good.

A Visit to the Dental Office Means Pain

The drilling, the surgery, the injections, tooth adjustments and etc. all point to PAIN. If you have a low tolerance for it, visits to the dentist are everything horror movies are made of. If you left with a locked jaw or a swollen mouth, then that’s a reason to avoid a second visit at all costs.

Pain due to dental procedures is inevitable but necessary. It’s important to realize that in order to maintain good oral health, you’ll have to bear with the sometimes invasive treatments. Pep yourself up by understanding that it’s all for the good, and this visit is one appointment less for you.

If your kid needs the pep talk, center on the same idea, and add some treats (like icecream after tooth extraction or a movie after the visit) to counter the pain with something pleasant.

An Appointment is a Scolding Session

It’s your dentist’s job to remind and teach you to keep those pearly whites strong and cavity-free. But, if every visit is about drilling it in your head, then that’s another story. It’s up to your dentist to improve their approach, to be more accommodating and less intimidating to patients. You can’t always expect that to happen, but you can nudge them into making it so, by opening up about your fears.

“Hi, doc. I get intimidated rather easily, so I’d appreciate it if you lighten up a bit,” is a nice way to put it clearly. Good dentists take this as a point for improvement, so if yours would, then hurray for an appointment that’s more on actually talking and less on nagging.

Most other reasons for dental fear comes back to these two. While they’re understandably intimidating, you don’t have to stay afraid of the dentist. In fact, you can work with them to turn your dental fear around.