Recover Fully From Wisdom Teeth Extraction With Words From the Wise

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in NapaA confirmed suspicion of impacted wisdom teeth usually leads to dental surgery. A straightforward procedure takes about two hours. That may seem tedious and worrisome, but that is the easy part. A qualified dental surgeon will take care of you in those two hours. The real work for you begins as soon as you leave the clinic. As in every surgical procedure, there are risks, and if you do not care for yourself during recovery time, you will suffer dire consequences.

This short article will help you recover fully from wisdom teeth surgery. We have talked to a handful of Napa-based dentists, and there are a few post-surgical practices you need to know.

Recovery time

After getting your annoying third molars pulled out, you have to remember there is a hole inside your mouth. The first you have to think about is that healing takes time. Practicing oral surgeons in Napa estimate that the longest recovery period takes a week, but it can be as short as three days. The exact time depends on a number of factors, including the extent of impaction, and the amount of gum tissue injured during the surgery.

What else to expect

In addition, you have to realize the pain and swelling are normal after surgery. Therefore, take the anti-inflammatory medications and analgesics prescribed by the doctor. Thirdly, you must pay close attention to the dentist about caring for the blood clot that serves to protect the healing gums. If the clot is dislodged you have to add a few more days to the recovery period, explains a dentist from VanDenburgh Dental.

How else do you foster recovery? You must take the rest of the day off after the surgery. You need to rest your body and your mind to allow the healing process to kick off with a bang. After resting, review the list of foods and beverages to avoid, and start planning your meals for the next three days. Follow these guidelines and you can resume your regular activities in no time.