Relieving Stress: Spending Some Time Alone

Time AloneIt is important that you have a little rest and recreation now and then. It relieves the stress that affects your body whilst you work.

Stress is also important, as it pushes you to perform at your best. It is responsible for the adrenaline rush you feel when you have to protect yourself. It is also what makes you alert and helps you finish before a deadline.

Stress becomes bad, however, when there is too much of it for too long that it begins to affect your body and mind. Burnouts at work are typically the product of too much stress. This is why you need R&R.

Getting Away

To recover from all that stress, you should move away from the source of the stress. If it is work — as it so often is — you cannot truly recover from the stress if you are there, no matter how many coffee breaks you take or how much food you eat to feel better about yourself. Binging on food, as you know, does not solve but compound the problem as it affects your health too. To truly de-stress, you have to get away.

Go By Yourself

There are many ways to de-stress when you are alone. Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a walk in the woods or by the sea. You might even consider buying a used personal watercraft, so you can take to the water sometimes. Travel somewhere you have never been, Russell Powerboats suggests. Meet new people.

It is Not Always About Going Home

Going home is part of the process of healing, of course, especially if you long to see your family and they are your primary source of strength. Sometimes, however, your familial responsibilities work to make your stress even worse. So even if you need to get home, you also need to spend some quality time alone even for a few hours a day or a week, or perhaps a few days in a year.

Whatever you do, do not spend all your alone time sleeping. It may give you rest, but it will not really remove the stress from your body. It’s important that you have some activities — even gardening, walking or biking — that you enjoy. Without activity, you might just start brooding and you’ll feel no better when you wake up from a troubled sleep.