Replacing a Scooter Brake

Every part of a scooter needs to be in proper working order for riders to enjoy a smooth and safe riding experience – from the axle to the wheels, and especially the brakes. But, things break down with time, diminishing the quality of the ride and endangering the rider.

scooter break

Every rider depends on the ability to control momentum and stop, and that’s only possible with a functioning brake. So, what happens when your brakes have run their course and go to scooter part heaven?

Well, you can either buy a brand new scooter, or get a replacement brake. Scooter retailers sell scooter brakes in their inventories, and sometimes even provide replacement services for an extra fee. But, why pay extra when you can replace the brakes yourself?

All you have to do is locate and unscrew the eight black screws on the scooter’s underside using a screwdriver. The number of screws may vary in design, but the average number is eight. If you find less than eight, don’t punch new holes in your deck to make the number.

Replace the key bolt with a new one, and make sure the washer corresponds to the correct side. Position the oblong end of the bolt nearest to the floor, tighten the bolt from the top end, and replace the deck and the screws. Voila, you’re done and ready to cruise the streets again; just make sure to use your new brake.