Root Canal: Why It is Far from Becoming Obsolete

Root Canal in Hertfordshire With the introduction of many new dental care treatments such as Invisalign and same-day dental crowns, root canal is beginning to sound ancient. The preventative procedure has been around for perhaps as long as modern dentistry.

Many recent treatments have been developed, but despite these, the procedure is still a fixture on dental practices’ list of offerings. While some may consider root canal as an outdated treatment, there is still a place for a tried and tested procedure that has stood the test of time. Root canal treatment is far from becoming obsolete.

The ‘Obsolete’ Claim

If you have ever undergone a root canal procedure in Hertfordshire or elsewhere, you might say that the experience was uncomfortable. Devices sinking into your teeth to remove pain-causing, damaged tissues, is not something you look forward to in your dental visits, no matter how necessary it is.

When news came out about stem cell fillings possibly replacing root canal as a pain-eliminating procedure, many were intrigued. The biomaterial fillings can reportedly help damaged tissues regenerate and heal, ending dental pain. Though the treatment is still subject to further study, it is generating plenty of interest with its healing potential.

The Latest on Root Canal

With innovations in dentistry attracting many patients looking for painless treatments, what still makes root canal, a viable treatment option today? Well, unlike many new innovations in dentistry, root canal treatment, primarily is concerned with saving a tooth in danger of extraction. It is a procedure targeting pain points and getting rid of them for good, and it is available and accessible to patients everywhere. It has been proven to provide long-term relief, even to animals such as lions and tigers, as demonstrated by a recent case that made online news headlines.

Being the time-tested and readily accessible dental treatment available today, root canal is still far from becoming obsolete. It is still the treatment of choice for patients seeking pain relief that lasts.