The Secrets to Shooting a Great Timelapse

Timelapse clips are a great addition to your video production. They convey a full narrative in just a few seconds and add dynamics to your video. Many production professionals combine these clips along with various video templates for greater effect.

Shooting a timelapse is not an easy matter, though. You have to consider many factors to create something compelling. Here are some of the things you should do in your next shoot:

Bring a tripod

The secret to making great clips is a stable shot, which is why you should never go without a tripod in hand. You may have to capture a subject for long periods; any nudge or slight changes to the frame will ruin the whole clip. For good measure, secure the tripod’s foundation with heavy objects.

timelapse of flower blooming

View in Real Time

Use your camera’s Live View feature as often as possible. This will help you decide the shot in real-time and visualize the whole clip while shooting it.

Figure out the right interval

Timing is of the essence. Decide how long you are going to take the shot. Sometimes, a millisecond too long may produce a different effect from what you originally intended. Don’t be afraid to experiment during post-production. Using After Effects templates also helps you integrate the clip into the video.

A timelapse clip is only as good as the preparations you made shooting it. You can browse through more websites to learn more about the best timelapse shooting practices.