Smell It and Weep: 4 Things You Did Not Know About Bad Breath

Bad Breath Bad breath is a weapon of destruction in its most embarrassing form. It can ruin a good date, an appetite, and any attempt at forming a friendship. The thing is, it is a very common problem, says

Other than that it’s caused by strong-smelling food and drink, bad breath or halitosis is a relatively unexplored territory. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about this humiliating oral problem:

People Often Don’t Know They Have It

People with bad breath are likely not to do anything about it because experts say they don’t even know it’s there. The sense of taste and smell is internal. That means your nose eventually gets desensitised to the smell of your breath.

Experts advise telling that person nicely about their problem, instead of talking behind their back or leaving a bottle of mouthwash on their desk.

The Foul Smell is Sulphur

Sulphur compounds are responsible for the bad odour in your breath. They are released when anaerobic bacteria break down food, unleashing the rotten egg and animal carcass flavour in your mouth. Garlic breath suddenly doesn’t sound so bad.

Garlic Breath is different from Actual Halitosis

Garlic and onions can cause temporary bad breath, but they’re no cause for worry. The lingering smell in your mouth and lungs eventually goes away. On the other hand, halitosis is the kind of bad breath caused by bacteria, whose intensity can vary from person to person.

Imbalance of Bacteria is Often the Cause

Severe and chronic bad breath is typically the result of too much anaerobic bacteria in your mouth. You need bacteria to break down food, but where there’s a bacterial imbalance, there’s stink. Your dentist is the only person who can detect this imbalance and identify the cause of your halitosis.

If your breath’s smell doesn’t improve with better oral hygiene, you should see a dentist who will take a closer look at the problem. And if you have a clueless friend with bad breath, please don’t link them this article. You think you’re being subtle and decent, but it would be nicer if you spoke to them directly. Don’t bring a handkerchief while you’re at it.