Soaking the Stress Away: A Guide for Working Adults

spa serviceA survey conducted by Croner Solutions last November 2011 showed that almost half of working adults in the UK face a greater level of stress. They attribute most of their stress to work-related issues. Of course, when you’re working, you always deal with deadlines and workloads, so stress may not be so new to you. And while a small amount of stress helps your body and mind, too much of it can do you more harm than good.

Effects of Stress on the Mind and Body

One of the most obvious effects of stress is that it makes you get sick more often. High stress levels put your body on the edge all the time. Your body starts to release hormones that hype up your blood pressure preparing you for fight-or-flight. But, because you’re sitting in an office or not moving around a lot while working, your hyped-up state ends up ruining your normal body process, especially when they keep happening again and again.

Stress can also lead to problems in mental health. The more stress you are, the more likely you’ll develop an anxiety disorder or depression. In fact, around 12 million people are diagnosed with mental problems each year – and most of these problems are related to stress.

Take a Break

The easiest solution is to take a break, so your stress levels can go down before they reach dangerous heights. Take a few minutes to close your eyes and take deep breaths while at work. If you really want a break, suggests scheduling a holiday for yourself over the weekend. The best and most immediate option would be to spend an entire day at the spa. Time and again, spas have been attributed to rest and relaxation. And of all the spas, bath spas prove to be the most relaxing – hot baths and Jacuzzis all have their benefits, most of them related to reducing stress.

Although you can’t really avoid stress, you can always deal with it before it gets harmful. For all the hard work you’re doing, you deserve even a short vacation where you get to soak in a hot tub and let all your worries melt away.

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