Some of the Best Reasons and Occasions to Set Up a Cocktail Party

Cocktail PartyCocktail parties are not just for the upturned noses of high society. They can be simple get-togethers of like-minded people, and standard events as well. If you have any of these special occasions lined up, you might want to try a simple cocktail party to celebrate them.

Book Launch

Typically a formal or black tie event, book launches are perfect for intimate cocktail parties. Depending on your genre or the audience you aim to reach, your event can be a high-class social gathering or one of those friendly meet-and-greets.

Gallery Opening

Pitch a little cocktail party for your artist friends to help sell their work. Choose any of the appropriate Brisbane cocktail venues, set up the theme, the number of artists, the drinks and snacks, and you’re all set.

Album Release

Bands and singers can benefit from small events where they can release their singles or albums to a supportive crowd. recommends a venue with great acoustics and which can rent out a decent sound system that matches your music.

Real Estate Open House

Set up a long table for the finger food and drink, highlight the miniature house models and dress up your agents. Open house cocktail parties are great for people who are interested in purchasing or renting a room in your complex.


Whatever you’re letting go of, a cocktail party before or after can be the perfect highlight or starter for your auction. This allows the auctioneer to scope out the crowd and their level of interest in particular items before the bidding starts. Display some of the main attractions of your auction while everyone sips their bubbly.

Big or small, any event can do better with some food and drink. Just remember to choose the right cocktail venue, caterer and staff. Play the gracious host and make sure your guests enjoy.