Speed Up: Tips for Improving Your Site Performance

A slow loading website is one the major causes of page abandonment. Many users have no patience for a website that takes too long to load. In fact, studies suggest that one to three seconds of waiting decreases the visitor satisfaction by 16 per cent. A few seconds’ delay also translates to lost sales and poor conversions every year.

Do not let this happen to your website. Improve your site’s performance and load speed with the following tips:

Compress Images

While a larger image looks great on your webpage, it can make your site feel sluggish while loading. Use image-resizing tools to compress pictures or shed a couple of weight in your images without compromising the quality. Compressed images download faster and use less bandwidth.

Minify Code

Increase your site speed by using minified style sheets. Also, eliminate unnecessary bytes by removing comment, extra spaces, and line breaks. Use Minify CSS to compress your files or hire the services of The Room to condense files and speed up your site.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Use Web Performance Tools

Free web tools such as PageSpeed Insights and Webmaster tools can help you pinpoint the leakages on your site performance. Such sites analyse the content of your pages and generate suggestions to make it load faster.

Use these tips to improve your site performance and load times. Hire the services of a web design or web development company to learn the other ways of improving your site speed.