Steel: Propelling Design into the Future

Entrance of a modern building made of glass and steelOur civilization has always used construction and infrastructure to make our mark on the landscape and expand our societies. As societies progress, discoveries in production and engineering create massive changes in design and architecture.

Men have a long history with steel. In fact, the oldest known is about 4,000 years old. But it wasn’t until the seventeenth century that people discovered steelmaking, and it became the most popular of all materials for construction and building. These days, you can even buy steel online for your production or construction needs.

Experts also consider steel as the reason for the growth and demand of skyscrapers. The many floors and high traffic need a durable, practical, and beautiful frame that only steel can give. With this material, builders developed a system called a steel frame, which provides ample support for all parts of the structure. These include the walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs.

Modern Architecture Uses Steel

While steel is commonly associated with an industrial, minimalist look, many buildings show how versatile it can be:

1. New’R (France)

New’R is a bow to the 1970s vibe of the French Riviera and the newness of curved angles. The overall appearance makes it not only trendy but also a potential timeless structure and a certified standout.

2. RACE, Ministry of Design (Singapore)

No building in Singapore screams futuristic than RACE, which is under the Ministry of Design. While it ought to be a robotic facility or lab, it also feels as if it’s straight out of TRON with strategic lighting and a right combination of steel and hollow tubing made of aluminum.

3. Investcorp Building (UK)

Showcasing the genius of the legendary Zaha Hadid, UK’s Investcorp Building highlights stainless steel in all its beauty. The tunnel-like building features a wavy steel roofing, which makes a nice contrast to the gothic style of Oxford University.

Architecture and steel are tied forever, and so if you want to build a structure for the ages, you know that steel is the one for you. If you don’t want the hassle and difficulty of getting one, buy steel online and have it delivered to you.