Strapping Tools 101: A Guide on the 3 Common Types of Strapping

A strapping tool holding down steel barsYou, certainly, are reading this because you either are interested in proper strapping techniques or have done strapping before and appreciate how important it is to use. Using the wrong strapping tool will not only cost your company massive loss in operational productivity, but also raise the level of safety risks in your workplace.

Here is some information you will find helpful on the main classifications of strapping equipment:

Traditional hand-driven solutions

Strapping processes involve using tensioners to tighten the straps, sealers (to join the ends), and shears (to separate the straps from its dispensing unit). While manual equipment is more cost-effective, using them can make processes labour-intensive and time-consuming. Moreover, it’s also a common cause of injuries.

Polyester strapping

If your cargo is mainly composed of large and heavy goods, steel strapping may be the most viable material to use when securing them. If the items are a little lighter, you will find plastic strapping to be a more economical option since it uses automatic and semi-automatic machinery to feed, tension, seal, and cut the straps.

The pneumatic option

Most pneumatic strapping equipment is cordless; a feature that enhances mobility and allows you to secure cargo with minimal effort quickly. Pneumatic strapping is a worthwhile investment if you have large consignments to secure on a daily basis. They are safe to use and a huge time saver, especially when working with elastic straps.

Do not let the many strapping models in the market confuse you. The above-mentioned classifications can help you know whether you have been using the right strapping tool to secure your cargo.

If you need extra information on strapping equipment, contact an experienced supplier. They will not only offer unbiased information, but also provide sufficient training and on-site demonstrations to ensure that you use the freight securing solution in the best way possible.