The Subaru: Drive like A Dream!

For those who consider themselves as car enthusiasts, their dream is none other than the Subaru. It’s understandable, for the four-wheelers from this Japan-based carmaker are not just functional but also fun to drive. For those who yearn to ride a Subaru on smooth New York roads, here’s a peek into what makes vehicles from this automaker a top choice.

A complete package

According to Metric Subaru, Subaru is great because it offers customers a complete package. It boasts a lineup of vehicle models, right from family-friendly wagons and cars that roar on the roads to extremely functional ones such as compact trucks. It doesn’t matter what your car need is. Subaru has it all!


Power-packed performance

If the Subaru is hailed for its power-packed performance, the credit must go to its engines. For example, its WRX model is charged with a 2-liter DOHC Direct Turbocharged Boxer engine responsible for providing drivers an unparalleled driving experience. In fact, this car brand was a pioneer in introducing the horizontally opposed Boxer engine. At present, this can be found in its Liberty model and others that offer drivers several benefits in terms of performance and handling.

Furthermore, driving a Subaru is fun not only due to its throaty engine roar, but also because its present models come with all-wheel drive power trains. The power and the torque of Subaru cars are can make any serious driver go weak in the knees!

Great versatility

The beauty of Subaru cars is that they’re extremely versatile. With their six-speed manual transmission, they can give you an exciting, sporty feel as you manually control the gear changes. But if you don’t prefer to change gears manually, go for the six-speed automatic sports-mode models that offer drivers a greater shifting response.

What’s great about Subaru vehicles is that they have the ability to effortlessly combine the power of a sports vehicle with the luxury of an SUV or a sedan. Purchase a Subaru vehicle for its functionality and the fun driving experience it can offer.