Tea Talk: What Tea You Should Be Drinking

Cup of Tea Every person has their go-to drink: coffee, milk, water, or whatnot. Not a lot of people would say “tea” on a whim, though. But it’s a drink that people should seriously consider, especially since it has a lot of health benefits. And that’s not even the best part.

Thanks to its different varieties, you can have tea in many ways. If you’re thinking of trying out the drink, here’s a list to help you determine what to take and what does what:

Green Tea

This tea is probably one of the most popular ones on the market. A cup of this is good for the brain, the eyes, and the heart. It’s also a favorite of people who are looking to lose weight, since green tea’s effects include burning fat. Thanks to its popularity, you won’t have a hard time looking for a pack of this tea in stores.

Chai Tea

This one, however, is a little tougher to find on the market. If you mix tea with a couple of spices and milk, you’d get a cup of chai tea, which you can order online. The good thing about drinking this seemingly unlikely concoction is that it helps you digest properly. Another use of chai tea? A helpful substitution for coffee. The drink has enough caffeine to keep you going—but just enough to keep it at healthy levels. If you’re really curious about this drink, you can order chai tea online and give it a try.

Chamomile Tea

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? If you are, you should be helping yourself with a cup of chamomile tea. The drink, which is made from flowers, is said to be an effective way to help insomniacs sleep. The tea is also supposed to be good for your digestion.

There are more types of tea that you should be trying. The key here is to do your homework and research. Don’t be too afraid to switch to something new when it comes to your taste buds—especially if it’s something that’s helpful to your health.